Your wedding day isn’t just a celebration of your love.

It’s an expression of who you are.


Hey good lookin’! I’m Dawn, WPIC Certified Wedding Planner & Stylist, as well as supporter of the LGBTQ Community.


My biggest love? Helping offbeat couples throw wildly fun, personalized weddings that have that kick of “wow” their guests will be talking about loooong after the party’s over. Think: Mad Libs cards, sparkler send-offs, food truck catering, cuddle-fest corners, a popcorn bar, pinwheel centerpieces, spiked slushies, a superhero theme, or anything else your little heart desires.


I’m also a shameless cakeaholic, lyric lover, and think sushi should be its own food group. And heck YES I’m obsessed with glitter, board games, movies, and the colour purple.


I believe that quirky is the new awesome. That your wedding day is YOUR chance to make an enthusiastic, jump-up-and-down statement about who you are as a couple. And that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact.


But more than that, you deserve a wedding planner that’s just as creative, offbeat and open-minded as you for this love-oozing occasion. Someone who truly gets your vision, and knows how to make it shine brighter than ever.


So this is my vow to you…


I promise to be your


  • faithful sidekick in planning & design
  • cake tasting accomplice
  • Pinners Anonymous buddy
  • fire putter outer
  • emotional weight lifter
  • guest wrangler

  • smooth scheduler
  • lipstick dabber
  • vendor search party
  • fun endorser
  • wedding day wing-girl
  • && certifiably awesome partner in nerdiness

In other words? We’ve got this.

Check out my wedding planning and design packages to find out how I can make sure your special day is nothing short of smooth sailing!

  • Natalie & Ryley

    From the day we hired Dawn, she exceeded our expectations! Although we grew up together, I didn’t expect any preferential treatment from Dawn. I was hiring her in a professional manner after all. However, she did make Ryley and I feel like we were the only ones who mattered. From the little questions, to decor design to being present on our big day, she delivered in so many special ways! We can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and professionalism in organizing and keeping our wedding day on track. You are definitely honouring your calling and it truly shows in your work ethic. It was an honour to have you help us, not only because we go way back but because you really are a gem in the wedding industry! Thank you so much Dawn!! We can’t imagine what our day would have been like without you!

  • Chloe & Kyle

    Having Dawn as our wedding planner was absolutely fantastic. She is constantly thinking outside the box as well as encourages you to do the same to make sure you have the most unique and personal wedding day! Dawn was amazing at recommending different vendors to use as well as when my flowers fell through she was able to get me in touch with an even better florist. She was always available when I needed something and on the day of my wedding I didn’t have to lift a finger or deal with any situation that arose. I would recommend I Do’s by Dawn to everyone!

Bake your passions into your special day 

with a little help from yours truly!

No matter what your dream wedding day looks like—Alice in Wonderland party favours, a retro gamer theme or a s’mores station—I’m here to bring it to life in all its sparkly splendor with minimal fuss.


To be cucumber-calm and tres helpful in the face of seating rulings, contract gibberish and unexpected mishaps.


But most of all, to make sure that your special day is all about your “I dos”, NOT your to-dos.


Because when it’s your first day of “forever”? You should be whipping out your killer dance moves, smacking lips with your sweetie, and listening to your friends gush over how totally fabulous you look.


Not babysitting head-butting in-laws, fretting over a missing bridal bouquet, or rushing around doing last minute decor set-up.


Leave this stuff to me! I’ve got superpowers of wedding styling and organization coursing through my veins.

The Smooth Sailing Calibration

Hourly Consulting
If you’re interested in some tailored personal support and guidance, I offer planning and design services by the hour to help you take your wedding from idea to reality in easy-breezy fashion, or simply give you a leg-up in the planning process.
This is perfect if:
♥ You need someone to help you keep track of your costs, so you can stick to your budget and still get the wedding you’ve always wanted.
♥ You’ve got niggling questions about vendor contracts, suppliers, the planning process, budding, check-lists, and pretty much everything in-between—I’m ready to hop on the phone whenever you need me.
♥  You’re searching last minute for a certain kind of table decoration or floral arrangement, and you’re just hitting wall after wall—I’ve got a treasure trove of reputable vendor and supplier connections that are at-the-ready.
♥ You’ve got a theme in mind that you’re ready to roll with, and you could really use another creative brain to mind-meld with—I’ll help you come up with ideas to put your personal stamp on your wedding day.
♥ You’re running out of steam and it’s almost down to the wire, and you haven’t even decided on what stationery to use for the RSVP’s—I’ll step in to pick up the slack, figure out how we can save you precious time, and get your plans back on schedule.
Your Investment: $150 for the first hour, and $50 for every additional hour.

Wedding Day S.O.S.

Month of Planning & Coordination
With your wedding just weeks away, and there still being so much to do, I’m not surprised that you’re feeling a little…holy overwhelm!
You’ve come this far on your own. You’ve booked the perfect photographer, an electric band that’ll have everyone bustin’ a move on the dance floor, and showed off your mad DIY skills with those cute centerpieces.
There’s just one lil’ problem: Those last minute details that are hanging out in the back of your mind are leaving you mega stressed and frazzled about what could go wrong the day you’re scheduled to say “I do”.
Will the cake arrive in one piece? Will the caterers show up on time? And what if everything isn’t set-up in time for when your guests arrive? To you, it’s not just “small stuff”. It’s the difference between your wedding day being an unforgettable event…and a total disaster.
Wishing you had a planner extraordinaire in your corner, with enviable attention to detail? Someone who could help you de-stress and shoulder those extra burdens that you don’t want weighing you down on your big day? Then it must be me you’re looking for!
This package includes:
♥ A chill coffee date with me 2 weeks prior to your wedding day to firm up timeline details and take a fine-tooth comb to your vendor contracts, so everything runs according to plan the day of.
♥ Because I know do-it-yourself projects can quickly become do-yourself-in projects, I’ll be on your creative tagteam to make sure the projects you commit to get done on time and on budget.
♥ I’ll call around 1 week prior to your wedding to confirm delivery of decor items and ensure all your vendors are keeping up their side of the bargain, so you won’t have to worry about a single detail when you’re struttin’ down the aisle.
♥ Both myself and my assistant(s) will drop in at your rehearsal to schmooze with your wedding party, triple check timelines, and discuss any last minute changes or concerns.
♥ Both myself and my assistant(s) will be on-hand at your wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour, photograph session and reception) to ensure your schedule stays on track and all vendor contracts are fulfilled.
♥ Both myself and my assistant(s) will be at your beck and call throughout the day, and primed to whip out our Emergency Kits at a moment’s notice—so should droopy curls, wine stains or caesar salad breath threaten to rain on your parade, we’ve got you covered.
Your Investment:  This package starts at $1200.

I’m Offbeat & I Know It

Full Planning & Coordination
Your wedding day is still months away, but you get overwhelmed just thinking about it. Sure, you’ve got a vision that’s nuzzling your heart. Ideas kicking around. Maybe even a cool theme in mind.
But really, you don’t have the time (or energy) to be bustin’ your butt finding the perfect vendors and accommodations to fit your budget, figuring out what your schedule should look like, or coordinating the whole wedding day shebang. Not to mention, you’ve got questions coming out the wazoo! You barely even know where to start.
What you need is a wedding day “field guide”. From inspiration to execution, I’ll bring the “geek” and “chic” to your planning party, and be there to help you navigate your way through the process right from day one.
Full planning and coordination includes everything in the Month of Planning (Wedding Day S.O.S.) package, plus a little icing on the cake:
♥ Together, we’ll draw out a timeline and budget that gives you room to breathe and makes sure you get everything on your wish list—without breaking the bank.
♥ Unlimited help with everything from finding vendors and booking accommodations to sorting out guest lists and keeping the peace between your in-laws. (Hey, I’m multi-talented.)
♥ All the hand-holding you need to stay on schedule, stay under budget, and stay sane—so you can just relax and have fun when it’s time to say “I do”.
♥ Plus everything included in the Wedding S.O.S. package.
Your Investment:  This package starts at $2800.
Interested in working together to create a totally-you wedding day, but still got questions or not sure what package is the perfect match for you?
Let’s talk. I’d be happy to offer you a complimentary, no-strings-attached consultation to discuss your needs!

N & R

C & K

Super Love

WPIC Kick Off

Alice In Wonderland

G & M

M & M

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